Selim CotalSelim Çotal

Director of PhotographyGörüntü Yönetmeni

Selim Çotal
Director of Photography

Selim Cotal is the founder and the mastermind of Cotal Visuals, a creative studio in Stockholm and Istanbul specializing in cutting edge web design, photography and film production.

He's also the creator of Mr. Cinematography, an instagram account about reverse engineering the art of cinematography & lighting.

As a creative, he has long time experience working with digital agencies and has extensive knowledge in the field on what goes into most productions.

Equipped with high technical skills he masters most of the professional cameras on the market and uses the latest hardware and software to achieve perfection.

As third-culture kid, Selim has lived in two countries and on two continents. He currently travels between Stockholm & Istanbul and is fluent in English, Turkish and Swedish.

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